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mastering for digital: 20 euro / track

mastering for vinyl: 30 euro / track

special discount deals available for labels - please contact the studio to discuss

regular customer discounts available

<15 after 15> - get regular customer status and a permanent discount to 15 euro/track after 15 mastered tracks

premaster / final mix format: before exporting your mixdown for mastering ensure that all your master bus effects are bypassed and your highest peak level is at least -3dB. Export you tracks in original sample rate / 24 bit WAV

file sending / exchange: only wetransfer please to

Mixing advice:


1. Control your sub. A lot of dance music producers use some sub-low synths for the main bass instrument, but unfortunately not all of them have sufficient monitoring to mix them correctly. To achieve best results try to listen to your mixes on different monitors / speakers / sound systems with at least 40 Hz low-end cut off and in different acoustic environments. Bass should be mixed with kick on comparatively same level, using sidechain compression can add some pumpin effect and clarity to your low end. Remember that your tracks will be played on club speakers / subwoofers with extreme low frequency reproduction, so finding the right balance is a crucial point for a great mix.


2. Do not forget the mids. Human ears are mainly focused on frequencies from 500 to 2500 Hz sodetails in this range are highly important when composing / arranging / mixing. Spectral analyzer on master bus can be a very helpful tool, just watch instruments based in this range to be as loud as your bass and hats.


3. Use noises and distortion accurately. If you add any noise fxs or overdrive effects select only the "useful" range and cut out the low and ultra high end. When compression is applied during mastering process - noises and clipping turn louder, so apply these effects gently or you can ruin the overall feeling of your track.


vinyl release: for vinyl releases don't use any stereo effects on bass. To suit the limitations of this media, mastering engineer cuts all the stereo information below 100 Hz. For best results use only mono sources on all the instruments in low range, or separate stereo fxs to parallel bus and cut all the low end below 100 Hz on it. Doing this in mixing stage will avoid your bass being ruined in mastering. Also keep in mind that vinyl media doesn't support excessive highs, try to arrange / mix percussion and synths in the high range softly.



If you have any questions about preparing your mixdown for mastering - you can consult with pick.sel mastering engineer before sending the final mix to studio.

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