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The studio is an experimental acoustic object with double room - in - room structure and "floating floor". The experimental broad range absorbers sticking out of the walls have a highly increased low / sub low frequencies absorbtion coefficient and are the reason the studio's main critical listening position is totally free from any audible acoustic anomalies / sound coloration. Custom modified Genelec 8260 monitoring system provides remarkably accurate / detailed / neutral sound in these acoustic conditions with a certain unforgettable degree of depth.

Only the best available analog and digital mastering instruments are used in the signal processing chain producing characteristically sounding masters - combining power and saturated detailization with accuracy and clarity.

In order to be able to showcase this noteworthy sound to potential clients a - first master is done free of charge - rule has been approved


You are very welcome to try pick.sel mastering at anytime - contact the studio and let's have a listen to your mix

The prices at pick.sel mastering are extremely low considering the grade of the studio and mastering quality - it is done deliberately to allow people who are currently

getting their music overcompressed and mutilated for 20 euro / track to be able to step away from low quality services and receive top grade mastering for the same money and thus we get more customers as well. Try pick.sel mastering now and get your free master of any track you want.






Audio interface








Work station


Software /


Genelec 8260 (modified low end extension)


National Panasonic SB-390 with PRO-JECT 7 amp (vintage)


Universal Audio Apollo Quad


Manley Massive Passive Mastering Version


Maselec MLA-2


Magix Sequoia 13, Presonus Studio One 4


Dell T5600


Precision Limiter, Precision Equalizer, Precision Enhancer Hz, Precision Multiband, Cambridge EQ, Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, Sonnox Oxford Inflator, Pultec EQ Collection, Pultec-Pro, Pultec, Ampex ATR-102, Vertigo VSM-3

some examples of mastering for digital / vinyl:

for digital

for digital

for digital

for vinyl

for vinyl

for vinyl

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